So I kinda forgot I haven't put anything up in awhile on here, even though I've done some stuff. Well...yeahhh..mostly been focusing on school. Going the 3D route, but still love doing shorts in flash. I have a concept that I'm working on for a series about my cat. Hopefully I'll be able to start on it in the next couple months. Other than that check out the stuff I've been doing at my at the bottom...also update my picture..finallllyyy.

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2009-05-10 22:17:51 by Nner

I have not been on here for awhile...and maybe it's good, because I realize the stuff I have up is craploa..big Haven't really done a lot animation wise due to going to school..but I will have some stuff in the future. For now here's some of my updated work on my blog, don't really update my website as much



2008-06-24 00:55:18 by Nner

Uhh, post?Not to sure where this goes...