2009-05-10 22:17:51 by Nner

I have not been on here for awhile...and maybe it's good, because I realize the stuff I have up is craploa..big Haven't really done a lot animation wise due to going to school..but I will have some stuff in the future. For now here's some of my updated work on my blog, don't really update my website as much



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2009-05-10 22:18:33

TehDe ShiTe wElComES yOu.


2009-06-13 16:13:11

I liked your most recent "chopsticks in japan" animation, it was tastefully done. Good work.

Nner responds:



2009-06-19 19:04:52

I agree with iSkabonex3, another well done animation without any grotesque humor, keep up the good work. I look forward to more of your work :)